Angelina Stoli

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Watch this video now! Angelina Stolie has a monstrous lunch
Monsters of Cock - 76,527 Views, 0 Likes, 1,201 Favorites
Angelina Stolie was nice enough to spend her lunch break with the fellas. I don’t know if she knew what would end up in her mouth, but she couldn’t have imaged how huge it would be. Angelina is a sexy Latina with a great all natural body and a beautiful face, and both were put to the test by Shorty Mack. That guy’s dick is like a tree trunk. Some girls might have run away from such a monster cock, but not our Angelina. She did her best to fit that enormous black dick in her mouth and pussy, and her best was more that enough to make our monster cum twice, and to make this hot update to Monsters of Cock. Enjoy!

Watch this video now! Fuck Team Cock Wash
Fuck Team Five - 19,747 Views, 1 Likes, 674 Favorites
Its that time of the week again for the Fuck team 5 to make some ruckus in the mean streets of L.A. , This week the girls and i wanted to make some money so we decided to open up a hand car wash. Ashli, Alli, and Angelina were all dressed in their sexy gear and ready to get wet for a good cause. The girls were bear it all. Everything was going great until Ashli decided to start seducing our customers. Once Ashli managed to get some poor chump to whip out his cock it was game over! the girls attacked and began their wax on whack off special. Ashli and the girls grabbed 3 unsuspecting customers and showed them how to get a proper Cock Wash

Watch this video now! Gamers Wanted
Fuck Team Five - 27,252 Views, 103 Likes, 775 Favorites
The world of online multiplayer gaming has grown so rapidly throughout the years, and i thought it would be a good idea to fine some gamers to teach our girls how to eliminate n00bs out on the online battle fields. but Ashli Orion, Angelina Stoli and Brooke Banner has a different type of pwnage in mind. the girls wanted to see if gamers in fact had big dicks. and Ashli was hell bent on finding out. we met some dudes through the online voice chat and met up with them. What happened next is truly a must see!

Watch this video now! Cum one Cum all its a Freak Show!
Fuck Team Five - 25,326 Views, 107 Likes, 1,010 Favorites
Hey there ladies and gents, come out and see the most amazing freak show this side of the Mississippi ! The Fuck Team 5 is out again and this week the girls ran into a local freak show, can these Freaks hang with our "Freaks" ? You'll have to find out for yourselves. Come watch as Beverly,Angelina and Sarah blow your mind among other things and dazzle you with their Luscious ways, seductive looks. and drop dead sexy bodies. this is a show not to be missed for it only comes by once in a life time. The Fuck Team Freak Show will make you blow a gasket !

Watch this video now! The Internet Hookup
Big Mouthfuls - 23,025 Views, 3 Likes, 931 Favorites
Angelina is a sexy little latina girl. She met joey on the Internet and they have been sending each other dirty they decided to meet up and fuck each other. Angelina is one crazy girl and she started sucking Joey's dick out in public.. then they started to fuck until they heard someone coming. They went back to Joey's house and took care of business. She rode his cock like there was no tomorrow and took a load in the mouth.. Check it out!

Watch this video now! Scared Of The Trouser Snake
Monsters of Cock - 21,177 Views, 110 Likes, 1,100 Favorites
Angelina is hanging out poolside and she has no clue what she is about to get into. Ramon is on the prowl and once she drops his pants she freaks the fuck out! We had to chase her into the house and coax her out of the bathroom. She played with her pussy to loosen herself up for the biggest dick of her life. She screamed and moaned as Ramon fucked her from all different angles. Even after she got a load on her face, they still kept fucking!! Don't miss Angelina's monster adventure!

Watch this video now! Angelina's Foot Pussy
Magical Feet - 13,219 Views, 24 Likes, 206 Favorites
So today Dimitri was blessed enough to get a foot treatment from the lovely Angelina Stoli. This hottie is so dam adorable, she has the sexiest lips and seductive eyes. She knows exactly what to do and say when a cock is put in her presence, watching her work her magic was very pleasing and from the looks of it, Dimitri was loving it as well. Angelina's has some beautiful little foot fingers and loves getting her foot pussy fucked Seeing the chemistry between these too was entertaining and refreshing. Hope you enjoy this new addition.

Watch this video now! Victoria Sweet
Blowjob Ninjas - 14,797 Views, 49 Likes, 390 Favorites
Victoria Sweet here, just got done sucking Preston's cock. What can i say but.. I love my job! Preston is an incredible guy, but his best asset is of course his gigantic dick! It barely fit in my mouth, and it kept on getting bigger! i was like.. when is it going to stop growing??? i guess i really turned him on! Well, enjoy! Luvs, XOXO Victoria

Watch this video now! Victoria and Kelly
Big Mouthfuls - 20,221 Views, 2 Likes, 663 Favorites
Sexxxy Victoria Sweet and Kelly Wells are here this to put on a naughty threesome with are friend OPP. The shoot starts off with them talking about each other and their experiences with cum. Slowly the clothing started coming off little by little and these girls jump right into action. It was an awesome double head session and each girl gave deep throat. Then they each kissed and played with each others clit as they got fucked. The shoot is full of tight pussy getting fucked. At the end P.P. shoots a load in each girls mouth. ENJOY!!!

Watch this video now! Victoria Sweet
Monsters of Cock - 20,275 Views, 78 Likes, 743 Favorites
The latest Monsters of Cock movie stars Victoria Sweet. This girl\'s a hot little latin chick with a need for monster cock. The first thing you notice about this girl is her great ass. She also has brown sugar tits that make you wanna suck on them. Speaking about suck, she can suck a mean dick! No kidding, her blowjob was amazing. The chemistry between her and Ramon was incredible. You could see it in the way they were getting it on. I think Victoria liked having that big dick in her pussy. She was howling as she was getting fucked. It was very sexy. Check it out!

Watch this video now! victoria sweet
Monsters of Cock - 32,105 Views, 93 Likes, 971 Favorites
Victoria Sweet was a sweet as candy. I liked the sweet way she blew a Monster cock. I'm not kidding! She gave a grade "A" blowjob. Lets talk about this girls body! What a great ass on this one. Nice and plump, her creamy pussy was not far behind. Nice and toasty brown like her. This girl is one sexy latina. Did I mention her great tits. Her nipples were so cute and toasty like brown sugar. Paul fucked her wet pussy like he had never had a spanish girl before. He was amazed by her. Bonus: sweet doggy sceen, you're gonna love it. Enjoy!

Watch this video now! Victoria
Ball Honeys - 13,877 Views, 69 Likes, 609 Favorites
I really thought we were going to strike out this time, and I was gonna blame it on the way JT was wearing his hat. When we first met Victoria she covered her titties, blocked the camera, and wouldn't even talk to us. A couple hours later we found her again, and this time she was in a better mood. As soon as we got her to the house this Latina was ready for anything. Now this girl could suck a dick. What a blowjob!! It was as if she was on a mission to gag herself. This girl must love to fuck because she was taking it like a champ. I love the sounds she made. She really was down for anything sexual. She even swallowed JT's man chowder. Great movie!

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