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Watch this video now! BangBros Pool Party!
BangBros Remastered - 29,113 Views, 150 Likes, 1,136 Favorites
It's a hot summer this year and what better than a look back at a classic fun in the sun episode of Fuck Team Five. Britney Stevens, Maya Gates, Brittny Blew, and Alexis Amore bring the party to the pool and a hot day gets even hotter! The girls start off with some boner inducing lesbian play. Clit licking, ass slapping, pussy grinding, all to get the boys in the mood. And get in the mood they did. From then on, there was pool side fucking and sucking all throughout! When some of the would be studs couldn't perform, the director stepped up and showed them how its done. For those who remember, you won't want to miss out on reliving some great memories. For those who are new, don't miss out...

Watch this video now! ASS of the SEA
BangBros Remastered - 12,919 Views, 1 Likes, 683 Favorites
Remastered this week for your viewing pleasure is a classic Ass Parade featuring two sexy bombshells, Britney Stevens and Lexi Love! The girls were cruising around the bay looking for JT when they found JMac floating in the water all helpless and shit. The girls rescue the poor guy and give him a much needed mouth to dick! They eventually coast over to the Island JT was camping on and tease the camera for a few minutes, showing off their amazingly fat asses and tight pussies, before getting JMac's rock hard man slab. Don't miss out! Watch and Enjoy!

Watch this video now! AlleyWay Dumpster Diving w/Lyla Storm,
Fuck Team Five - 33,802 Views, 2 Likes, 1,246 Favorites
So This week I took the girls down through the Alleyways looking for Taggers and other Riff Raff. When we found this guy, who was supposedly going to work. We know what he was up to, But the girls were sympathetic and offered him a ride to work. But along the way we find a dude throwing away the trash. After we stopped there we found that he had a dope back yard. The girls snuck in while i was talking to him, by the time he noticed we already all up in there. And so you know that when I'm rolling around the neighborhood with three horney chicks you know what's gonna happen. Its gonna get fucking crazy!

Watch this video now! Britney Stevens' Balloon Party!
Monsters of Cock - 29,080 Views, 1 Likes, 1,028 Favorites
Welcome back! Today we have a fucking balloon party for you. Monsters of Cock is glad to have the sexy Britney Stevens on today's update. Britney Stevens is fine! Plump tits, juicy pussy and a phatty ( A.K.A Booty). She'll be working with the one and only Shorty Mac. The fucking man! He might be short, but as the saying goes "big things come in small packages." As she sucks him off, his cock grows by the second. It literally looks like a balloon being inflated. Shorty Mac fucked Britney Stevens with his Monster Cock until he popped a huge load on her face. Enjoy!

Watch this video now! The Fuck Team Hoopty
Fuck Team Five - 60,552 Views, 2 Likes, 1,815 Favorites
FUCK TEAM 5!! What the fuck is up motherfuckers? This week we have another banging Fuck team 5 for your masturbatory pleasure. The beautiful Amber Rayne, Britney Stevens and Jackie Avalon were set loose on the streets of Cali looking for some cock to fuck up! These girls were devoted to finding some cock but at first they were unsuccessful. We met some random dude invited him into the fuck team hoopty, but he kind of creeped us out. So we kicked him off then we drove by what appeared to be a movie set and picked up one of the grips who was out for a smoke break unfortunately he didn't want to disclose what movie he was working on so we just had the girls fuck him instead but the mother...

Watch this video now! Britney Stevens: Fishing For Monster
Monsters of Cock - 36,098 Views, 147 Likes, 1,471 Favorites
Yo this week I was hanging out on a Saturday bored as hell not doing anything. I was laying in bed when I got a call from an old friend. Her name is Britney Stevens; she had just finished her shift at the strip club, and she had spent the night dancing and getting hammered. She told me she was in the mood for some Big Cock, because all the boys in the club were butt ugly, and she didn't want that kind of action. I told her it would be tricky, because Ramon likes to fish on his Saturdays off and relax. She didn't want to take no for an answer so I told her if she lets him do anal that he'll come along. So on the way to the docks, I had her suck my cock, as a nice little appetizer before...

Watch this video now! Sex and Water Sports
Fuck Team Five - 30,117 Views, 2 Likes, 932 Favorites
These four girls were getting hot in the limo, and when they got to the pool the action did not cool off. As a matter of fact the action got even hotter with a lesbian 4some with clit licking, ass slapping, and pussy grinding with everyone watching. Then there was some pool side dick riding, pussy licking, and doggy style dick pounding. The best part was, there was a lot ass just bouncing all over the place even the director got in on the action. He fucked Alexis until he came hardcore.This orgy was in full effect with four hot girls just fucking their brains out.

Watch this video now! The Fitting Room Fuck
Ass Parade - 28,395 Views, 1 Likes, 1,139 Favorites
This time for assparade I was Chillin in the the talents dressing room. Waiting for the girls to have their make up ready. So I decided to stay with them in the dressing room and have some fun. So like always, I was accompanied by two of the hottest girls in the industry, Rachel Solari and Britney Stevens, these two girls have the hottest asses, and they know how to use it. So we were going around room by room looking for regular guys so they can have a first time experience with a porn-star. The first guy, had a blow job, but he didn't last 3 minutes. The second guy was the opposite. We waited like half an hour just to see him cum. But the girls had fun with him, we were just enjoying...

Watch this video now! The Bang Van
Monsters of Cock - 28,670 Views, 108 Likes, 1,009 Favorites
Hey whats going on peeps! This week we got a very special monsters for you. I was bored and I didn't really feel like shooting today, so me and my driver decided to cruise the Miami streets and check out whats going on out there, get some fresh air and enjoy some delicious Cuban coffee. But you wouldn't guess what we found over at the coffee shop....Ramon! Thats right another Ramon sighting. We quickly caught up with the man and he told us that he was her on vacation. So we offered him a ride back to the beach. It took a while but I managed to talk him into doing a scene with us and for kicks we thought it would be fun to do our own version of the Bang Bus. The only problem was there was...

Watch this video now! ASS of the SEA
Ass Parade - 12,401 Views, 58 Likes, 489 Favorites
You ain't gonna believe what we got for you this week on assparade!! So check it, this weeks episode has a tremendous back story, and I'm about to drop it for you all cause it's well worth the ass, uh I mean the wait. this story goes a little like this, a few days back I took some girls and JMac out on my homies yacht, for some hardcore partying, everything was going as usual until I blacked out. So a few hours later, these two hot lifeguards woke me up on an desserted island. Just my luck these girls were hot as fuck. Once I knew I was fine I had them go look for JMac, and damn as soon as the walked away I got a good look as those two gorgeous asses, damn these life guard have the bomb...

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