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How do they keep finding the chicks?! I mean is Miami really full of horny chicks walking the streets? Absolutely! On every corner, bus stop @ mall strip there can be found a horny lady looking for some cock to place ever so gently in her mouth for a few bucks. Enough cash for a slurpee and a taquito from 7-11 will get you in her pants!! Why do we love Bang Bus so much? The answer is very simple. We feel like it could be us. We could be on the bus fucking that Cuban immigrant chick in her ass if we just try hard enough. This girl Jenny that gets picked up doesn't know the english language too well and that suits the fellas just fine. Luckily they brought along Ramon with them to...

Watch this video now! Jenny
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Jenny we found in South Beach she was sitting on her rocking chair in the opening of her apartment building waiting for one of her friends to pick her up to take her to her boyfriends house. Well she was never going to make that appointment but not because we didn't want her to. It was only because she really didn't want to deep deep down in her own cubano heart, she had always been really waiting all her life for the moment to break out of her bullshit guise of the non sexual latina good girl. And then there we were you have to understand everything happens for a reason and it might not always be for the reasons that you would think but thats why life is so funny but the wierd thing...

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