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Watch this video now! Sex Counseling on The Penny Show
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This week we have a special guest coming to the Penny show. Her name is Crystal Court and she is a sex therapist, who will talk to us about various sex issues she's run into in her career and to talk about her new book, " Sexual Therapy, Stop being a sexual loser." Also, I invited my friend Geovanni who's been having issues with premature ejaculation. So were going to see if Crystal can cure his problem for him today. So I hope you enjoy this week’s episode. See you next time.

Watch this video now! Three Guys On The Couch
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This week on another exciting episode of the Pennyshow we have a visit from the beat it guy Rudy Rigatoni the internet sensation that made his own beat it videos. We also have a middleweight champ from Japan come visit us, his name is De' Angelo Bones. He's going to be talking about his latest bout. Also, we have Chino the tri-state swimming champion who is coming to show us what it takes to be an excellent swimmer. This is going to be exciting especially at the end when Mai shows us her beautiful tits and makes all the boys in the room strip naked to see who has the largest penis. The winner of course gets a blowjob! So check out this episode and see what comes up this week on the Penny...

Watch this video now! Two Strippers One Host
Penny Show - 32,271 Views, 71 Likes, 585 Favorites
This week on the Penny Show, Nick Taylor showed up and gave Penny insight into the world of male dancing, A.K.A stripping. Penny got a little dance with a lot of clothes being thrown around, and as a tip Penny was just all too eager to repay him by giving him a blowjob, and taking his picture for the wall. We also have another stripper, the female fatale Chavon. She is a hot gal with a hot pink one piece. She wanted to give her two cents on how female exotic dancers take care of business and get their money. Penny even got her fantasy fulfilled as she and her new stripper friend Chavon did a little dildo play, and ate out each others pussies in the process. So check out this episode,...

Watch this video now! The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz
Penny Show - 48,553 Views, 79 Likes, 605 Favorites
This Week on the Penny Show we have the world famous Ron Jeremy with us in the studio to talk about his experiences and achievements in the biz. He is also here to share secrets to becoming the perfect Porn stud. We also have up and cumming wannabe Porn Stud Rudy Rigatoni here to ask Ron some questions and for some advice. After Ron was done with Rudy, Rudy was ready to take on Canadian Porn Star Mya and show her what he learned. Also Penny�s gay friend comes by the show to see if Penny can possibly turn him straight. This week�s show is a must see so if you�re interested in knowing what happened check it out.

Watch this video now! Marco From Bangbus
Penny Show - 24,580 Views, 55 Likes, 385 Favorites
Today we were lucky to have someone with some real celebrity status, Marco from Bangbus. He came to the show to promote his new book. It’s a biography on his time spent as the bangbus driver. It’s a real page-turner. Also joining us is my cameraman's old high school sweetheart Kayla, a Beautiful sweet girl who I lez out with on the show. Also back by popular demand is the amazingly hot and talented Ellie Idol. She blows some dudes we found hanging out in the neighborhood. But of course not before measuring them. At the end we all end up having so much fun because we put this toy to use that I just bought, and I had a little threesome with the girls.

Watch this video now! Close and Personal With Preston Parker
Penny Show - 43,674 Views, 1 Likes, 1,344 Favorites
In this episode of the penny show, penny invites the famous porn star Preston Parker with an exclusive interview that you have never seen. This is quite an interesting character. They first start off with a very personal interview. Many questions were asked and many were not answer, but from all this questioning, Preston and Penny got hot and they both had amazing sex on set that you can't miss. So check this sexy episode out, because Preston and Penny have a lot to show.

Watch this video now! 10 Positions in 2 minutes
Penny Show - 63,806 Views, 142 Likes, 1,274 Favorites
This week on The Penny Show, penny invited her friend Catalina to have some fun of her own. They both were horny so before starting the show they made out on penny's sofa. Then Penny invited her next guest Jolie the famous sex therapist author of the book 10 positions in 2 minutes. After talking about the book, Penny and Catalina went to the beach to pick up some random guys so they can try these positions. So they pick up to guys, and the party started in penny's studio. They all try the positions and everything was captured in the show, so check it out, because the Penny show keeps getting better and better.

Watch this video now! The Sister in Law+
Penny Show - 40,525 Views, 93 Likes, 699 Favorites
So my older brother is always fighting wit his wife April. He can be a real jerk and i dont know what he did this ime but it must of have been real bad because she told me she wanted to be on my show. And she knows what my show is all brother of course knows nothing about what i do on the show or even knows that it exists for that matter. Weve always been close April and I but never as close as we got on todays show. I kind of saw this coming so i was ready with a couple strap ons i bought before the show. I dont know if maybe i wanst enough for her but after we finished the lez action she fucked this guy billy...i hope things workout with her and my brother but if they dont...

Watch this video now! The Sybian
Penny Show - 32,371 Views, 69 Likes, 529 Favorites
This week on the Penny Show we have a special presentation by yours truly on how to use the very efficient Sybian. This mechanism allows a woman to fulfill her deepest pleasures without the use of a man. Later on we get a visit from hockey sensation CJ "the rich shot" Jones. We had a little one on one playing some hockey, and when we got back to the studio, he showed me exactly how to handle his stick.

Watch this video now! Olivia O'Lovely and from one million to
Penny Show - 33,297 Views, 61 Likes, 542 Favorites
On todays Penny show we have the lovely olivialovely as well as some dude promoting a book called from one million to billions. You know for all of you who just cant settle with mear millions and feel the need to upgrade to being a billionaire. Then theres JC hes this weird kid that lives across the street and is always staring at me through his window when ever i go outside. I never really had spoken to him until the other day when i asked him to be on my show. Real weird mousy kid...very shy. So of course i had to fuck with him. Olivia shaved his balls, then i fucked the millions to billions guy.

Watch this video now! N.O.R.E.
Penny Show - 14,590 Views, 33 Likes, 285 Favorites
On today’s Penny show we have a very special guest, the world renowned rapper N.O.R.E. There are very few times we see Penny star struck but she is a huge fan of this guy as I’m sure many of you are as well. He's on the show to promote his new album in which he crosses over from Hip Hop into Reggaetone. Hearing of this, Jason (penny's neighbor and also aspiring rapper) joins us to see if he can’t get a few pointers from NORE on how he might be able to break into the rap game. NORE was nice enough to humor Jason as the guy is obviously a total dueche. Feeling sorry for the guy, Penny treats him to a massage with a very happy ending from a Korean masseuse. Then Penny fucks some...

Watch this video now! Ellie Idol and 3 Unsuspecting Boys
Penny Show - 22,820 Views, 59 Likes, 396 Favorites
Today Ellie joined me on the show, and together we embarked on a mission to pick up some boys off the streets to be on my show. It took some time but eventually we got them. Once we got them back to the studio we put them through the usual bunch of activities any respectable talk show would have. We measured there penis both before, and then after we had them jerk themselves to get hard. Then Ellie gave them some handjobs. Unfortunately we had some premature ejaculators on board.

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