Paola Rey

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Watch this video now! The Foot Job Squirt
Magical Feet - 9,445 Views, 38 Likes, 292 Favorites
Paola Rey joins us this week to get her pretty toes anointed with the stuff, the man-custard, or the man milk. Before having her feet drowned with the almighty batter, she plays with herself a little, to tease us. Amazingly, she even fucked her shoe. She stuck it in, and out while moaning nice and loud. What a freak! Just how we like them. Just when you think she couldn’t get freakier, she rubs her clit and squirts on her toes, and then she licked them. Holy shit! After that she did her thing by letting Enzo fuck her feet. This is one the wildest foot jobs ever.

Watch this video now! Paola Rey Pets The Monster
Monsters of Cock - 36,830 Views, 162 Likes, 1,457 Favorites
Hey what's up! This week we have a good friend meeting up with us. Paola Rey is our girl for the week and she knows what to expect when she comes on the Monsters of Cock. So I told Ramon to meet up with me at the train stop to pick her up. Paola Rey is a crazy Brazilian chick with the craziest sense of humor I've ever seen. She’s fine and loves to show her tits off, even in public places. So we took her on a tour of Downtown, and she flashed every body that was in her way. So then we took her back to my crib and showed her the ocean and when she saw my boat she decided that she wanted to suck Ramon's cock on my boat. Paola has never fucked on a boat and thought it would be an awesome...

Watch this video now! Paola and Summer on The Monster
Monsters of Cock - 44,093 Views, 2 Likes, 1,742 Favorites
Yo this week Monster has got to be the funniest, strangest and sexiest Monster Cock ever! I met up with this girl Paola who's a crazy freak and she loves it. Well, she brought along an accomplice who is just as nuts. Right off the bat they were both naked sun bathing in my apartment and already asking for Ramon. Paola said she had a surprise for Ramon that he was going to love. But what she didn't know was that Ramon had a little surprise for her as well. Definitely check out this episode it's an instant classic, especially if you love squirting, because Paola could put a fire out with her precision squirting talent. It's no joke! These two girls Paola and Summer are the pussy licking,...

Watch this video now! A Day In Paradise!
Fuck Team Five - 41,225 Views, 1 Likes, 1,131 Favorites
I have a GREAT update for you guys this week. We are in the honor of three beautiful ladies, Ice la Fox, Paola Rey, and Veronique Vega. Anywho the shoot starts with the ladies making a little interesting wager amongst themselves to see who can make them ejaculate or cum like you guys might say, and off they go into the MEANSTREETS of Miami Beach(yea right lol).So off they go to find the one guy who would do it for them. A lot of guys turned them down man. I don’t know how. Carrying on, we come across two gentleman who seem willing to go on with our operation, but seem to have other business at hand. So we basically just tell them to meet us back our hotel. And amazingly they showed up....

Watch this video now! She is MY Dominatriqszzzz
Tugjobs - 18,518 Views, 56 Likes, 628 Favorites
Paola Ray is so sexy and sensual; she knows how to move the right way to warm things up. She talks dirty, and she moans while she is jerking the cock; but she also likes to add a lot of lubrication when she rubs the cock on her pussy. The cock took a pleasurable beating, as Paola slapped it on her tongue, and just slapped it period. Through out the jerk session she was begging for the cock. Although she didn’t get fucked, she got her clit rubbed, and she came loud. After jerking the cock and rubbing the balls, she finally got the man chowder out of Joey’s cock.

Watch this video now! La Realtor
Working Latinas - 18,159 Views, 1 Likes, 947 Favorites
Hello everybody!!! Welcome back to our Working Latinas community. Today we filmed Paola at her work. She works as a real estate agent, and I guess she makes pretty good money since she looks so happy.Well, maybe there is something else that makes her feel so good. A big nice cock maybe? To find out if my guess was right, I invited her over to my place. The Latina Bangman Johny Deep showed up to help me with my experiment. Yes, nice young cocks seem to have a bigger influence then money.Johny fucked her nice Brazilian pussy like a real man (which he happens to appear as). She squirted all over his penis a few times,and trust me that shit looked hot. I don't want to ruin this episode by...

Watch this video now! Paola outdoor fuck!
Ball Honeys - 26,157 Views, 92 Likes, 962 Favorites
wasup guys here I have another sexy episode of ballhoneys. this time I got a sexy latina named paola rey! she is just crazy, she loves to fuck and she has a fetish for the outdoors. I called my homeboy Jmac, and he called Paola. we meet up and the crazyness started! we went in the back of a house and she started blowing jmac. then when we got to the apartment, she wanted to go outside cause she wanted to fuck infront of everybody. so check it out, cause this girls is some crazy horny!

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