Renae Cruz

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Watch this video now! Latin Ass Parade Orgy
BangBros Remastered - 52,019 Views, 98 Likes, 1,407 Favorites
For this classic AssParade we have a pair of sexy Latinas with huge asses. We love ass!, These girls are gorgeous and they love to show off their perfectly round bottoms. Especially for the fans to watch. I had the girls strut their stuff all over the place, I just love to see a sexy ass walk in front of me, especially when the ass is like BANG, all curvy and shit!! These are asses one should worship! The girls are horny and ready to get fucked, but before they got any dick, I had them play with each other on the balcony. Bare ass naked, the girl on girl action was fucking hot. I called ova my homies JT and Tony to fuck these girls, and they loved it. The sex was bananas, the girl really...

Watch this video now! Beauty and the Geek
Can He Score? - 45,953 Views, 68 Likes, 878 Favorites
This week on Can he Score we have an odd pair. The beautiful and charismatic Renae Cruz is on the scene and is ready for her shot at a blind date. Renae is not looking for love she’s just looking to have some fun in any which way. Hopefully the guy we set her up with today will take charge and not let her down. Andres is a young aspiring musician that is unique in many ways; he hasn't had much luck with the ladies, so he is really relaying on us to set him up with someone who can appreciate him for what he is. These two are different in many ways so it might get interesting, will Andres have what it takes to handle this young charismatic porn chick or will he crash and burn like a...

Watch this video now! Jizz Lubrication
Magical Feet - 16,148 Views, 39 Likes, 305 Favorites
Alexia Carter is rubbing the cock wit her feet this week. With no time to waste, she takes off the high heals to moisten up those pretty those with some lotion until our young stud Connor comes in to fuck her feet. As the action gets hot, Alexia is handed lubrication to rub on the cock to get it stiff. She rubs the cock with her feet while sitting on the edge of the sofa behind Connor, and then she gets her feet fucked in several positions until she returns to sitting behind Connor on the edge of the sofa so she can get the cum on her feet.

Watch this video now! My Pussy Gets Wet When I jerk A Cock
Tugjobs - 13,983 Views, 53 Likes, 384 Favorites
This week we have the fabulous Alexia Carter rubbing and tugging the cock. The girl knows how to do it; she unzipped Joey’s pants with her mouth. Alexia ain’t no joke; she started talking dirty and tugging the cock right away; she was slapping the cock on her tits, and damn it looked good. She even gave Joey a nice a little footjob as a bonus. And she gave Joey another bonus-a dick lick and a couple of deep throats.

Watch this video now! Vroom Vroom!
Fuck Team Five - 36,493 Views, 120 Likes, 1,190 Favorites
This week we have an adrenaline filled Fuck Team 5. We were with Renae Cruz, Satine Phoenix,Emy Reyes and Rosario Stone on their road trip vacation to Miami. While on the road to Miami the girls caught the attention of some young sport biker dudes. And while these dudes where showing off their impressive skills the girls where flashing their tits through the window of our bus. Eventually we pulled over to see what was up with these dudes, and they were in shock that they were showing off to a bus filled with porn stars. After taking pictures with the girls and showing off their bikes in person, they invited us back to their stunt spot where things got nice, and heavy for these average...

Watch this video now! Cruz Control
Big Mouthfuls - 19,186 Views, 56 Likes, 772 Favorites
HOLY SHIT!! So this week we have an awesome update for your erotic pleasure. Renae Cruz came by to hang with Dave Pounder, and let me tell you, Renae is one bad ass chick that is down to fuck anytime and anywhere. She was pretty much demanding Dave Pounder to fuck her everywhere and to just give up the cock. She's so sexy, and seductive she’ll make you want to bust a load before the fun starts. Renae was really taking charge, and she wanted to get fucked where everyone can see-out on the balcony. That wasn't enough for her; after she was shaking her perfect firm succulent breast, and her cute ass for us, she wanted to get Pounded on the bed as well. Renae was really working Dave. It’s...

Watch this video now! Massage you'll never forget
Working Latinas - 35,615 Views, 80 Likes, 956 Favorites
It’s so good to see you back. Here it comes another episode of Working Latinas. This time I got a gorgeous hottie Renae for you. Renae works as a masseuse and likes her job more then anything. You can only imagine how hot it looks when she is massaging someone’s body. The way that she does it is really hard to compare with anything else. It really looks like she loves it, that what she told me when I was talking to her about her job. There is only one think she likes more then her job. And it's soccer, cause she is from Brazil. But its not the soccer that we all watch on TV. The soccer she likes is different. First thing is that there are two balls instead of one and you have to play...

Watch this video now! Renae's Big Taste
Big Mouthfuls - 17,300 Views, 1 Likes, 853 Favorites
Renae Cruz, a hot 19 years young came to my place asking for the big mouthfuls. I invite Renae in. Renae told me she wanted to work hard to get the mouthful, so she gave me a hot show, then Renae got naked, Renae's body is fucking amazing, she has a sweet pair of tits and a round big ass. Renae took out my pants and suck my dick as a pro. Then I fuck Renae Cruz in many positions until my cum came inside her mouth. Enjoy

Watch this video now! Renae Cruz, A Wild Documentary Star
Ball Honeys - 24,508 Views, 86 Likes, 919 Favorites
Hey people, this week I was chillin in this hotel pool and I saw Renae, an amazing chick with a round hot ass and two big real titties. I talk to her about a wild documentary and she was really into it, so I called Commando and when he arrived this girl was excited and they ended up kissing and touching each other. We went to the room and Commando fuck the shit out of her, she was really hot and she scream as a little kitty. Come and Enjoy it.

Watch this video now! Waiting to suck some dick.
Blowjob Ninjas - 11,824 Views, 29 Likes, 378 Favorites
Wasup ladies and gentlemans… today in Blow Job Ninjas we have a special beauty for your entertainment, her name is Renae, she looks innocent but she is so wild. Her perfect tits and her appetite for sex are the perfect combination for a great Blow Job. I first started talking to her a little bit so I can get to know her. She is more than wild. She is one of those girls that love to suck cock! And she demonstrated it, she started licking some balls, then getting hardcore. Her ass is beautiful and her body is simply perfect. So check out this episode and I guarantee you that you are going to come just listening to this sexy babe, so just imagine the rest. Best Blow Job ever!

Watch this video now! I'm a Monster Cockaholic
Monsters of Cock - 29,475 Views, 1 Likes, 1,150 Favorites
Wow another day another pussy. But this one was special. Renae Cruz was a very hot special girl, her goal in life is to fuck the biggest black dick she can find. so ofcourse the genie grant her wish when John E Depth apear. she was amazing. she love John's dick, she lick it, ride it,she did everything but eat that dick. after that shoot i couldnt stop thinking about her fat ass riding John's dick. Thanks the lord for making a dickaholic like Renae

Watch this video now! less words, more ACTION!
Ball Honeys - 17,439 Views, 63 Likes, 653 Favorites
imagine yourself with two crazy horny chicks! this two beauties took my man J.T and gave him some good fucking. they were hungry for sex, so they started sucking some dick that they even went deep throat! the sex with this two girls is so good that there are just no words to explain. so don't waste more time reading and get to the action! you wont regret it!

Watch this video now! Latin Ass Fever
Ass Parade - 39,859 Views, 117 Likes, 1,381 Favorites
So check It, I got a pair of sexy Latinas to come over to the crib, so that they could show-off their sexy asses, for all my ASSPARADE fanatics..I brought along the sexy Renae Cruz and my home-girl Cherrie Rose, and if you all remember my girl got some serious "CULOS" (that ass for all you non-Miami slanging muthafuckas)..These girls are gorgeous and they love to show their perfectly round bottoms, an you knows I love to watch..I had the girls strut their sexxxy bootys all over the place, I just love to see a sexy ass walk in front of me, especially when the ass is like BANG, all curvy and shit!! The ass worship was serious, i got a damn good look, at these amazing asses: and you all are...

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