Satine Phoenix

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Watch this video now! The Bachelor Party
Fuck Team Five - 79,593 Views, 233 Likes, 2,337 Favorites
Yo what's up Bang Bros this week we have a crazy ass Fuck Team 5. The girls and i were out getting some food and finding what trouble we can get into. when Some dude recognized Satine Phoenix and invited us to his friends bachelor party. and of course the girls could not turn down an opportunity to fuck around with regular dudes. these chumps were in for a real treat. the girls come in and fucked shit up they jerked sucked and fucked these dudes. then had a little fun with themselves.

Watch this video now! My New Haircut
MILF Lessons - 16,876 Views, 1 Likes, 860 Favorites
Yeah so ive been on you tube way too much and well i came across a video in which inspired me to do a porn version, my new haircut is a funny ass video but ours is the best because of that FUCKIN JIZZ ,FUCKIN JIZZ, FUCKIN JIZZ ! lol we decided to have a little fun this week and parody that ever so popular "my haircut video " on the tube and well i have to say it came out just as funny...But ours is better because Dale Da Bone is in it. so check it out the beautiful Satine Phoenix is in it and she is showing off all her good. those nice tits and sweet ass. almost makes you want tl give her some of that FUCKIN JIZZ, FUCKIN JIZZ FUCKIN JIZZ.

Watch this video now! Vroom Vroom!
Fuck Team Five - 31,317 Views, 120 Likes, 1,100 Favorites
This week we have an adrenaline filled Fuck Team 5. We were with Renae Cruz, Satine Phoenix,Emy Reyes and Rosario Stone on their road trip vacation to Miami. While on the road to Miami the girls caught the attention of some young sport biker dudes. And while these dudes where showing off their impressive skills the girls where flashing their tits through the window of our bus. Eventually we pulled over to see what was up with these dudes, and they were in shock that they were showing off to a bus filled with porn stars. After taking pictures with the girls and showing off their bikes in person, they invited us back to their stunt spot where things got nice, and heavy for these average...

Watch this video now! Lucky Valet
Milf Soup - 24,882 Views, 99 Likes, 1,015 Favorites
Imagine being a valet and you have to give service to a hot beautiful woman with a big ass. But not only a big ass, a perfect ass with amazing legs. So you are not only seeing this beauty but she is so horny that she will want to play with you in the men’s bathroom. This fantasy can come true by watching this sexy episode of Milf soup. Satine Phoenix gives an amazing performance fucking little Tony Rubino in a men’s bathroom, she fucks him so good that you just want to jump in and do crazy things to this beautiful woman. So make your fantasy come true by watching this video because Satine Phoenix is going to blow your mind.

Watch this video now! Hot Satine goes hardcore!
Ball Honeys - 12,629 Views, 1 Likes, 496 Favorites
hey wasup guys is me JT, this time I was just riding around chillin picking up some girl. when I found this sexy mama named Satine Phoenix. she is so hot, she got the most perfect ass I've seen. I took her first to an alley and for only 20 dollars she gave a blow job. but not just any blow job, one of the best ones I've got in years. so I was so fucking horny that I asked her how much for the fuck? so i took her to a motel and I stayed with her for a couple of hours doing naughty things! she started sucking my cock, and then I fucked her so good that she even came. You have to see her fucking doggy style, you are just going to come. so check it out peeps, because Satine goes hardcore with...

Watch this video now! The Sex Show
Ball Honeys - 7,377 Views, 1 Likes, 478 Favorites
Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for a little surprise that I got for you today! When my homeboy Julius told me he was looking for two girls to perform a show for a buddy of his for his bachelor party, I send him this two amazing hotties, Satine Phoenix and Carmella Woods. So Julius received them at his crib, and before making a decision, he told the girls to do him a pre-show before making any deal! Well dudes, prepare for this action package, which I like to call The Sex Show! After a while, this girls started to get freaky and invited Julius to the game! And the rest is just an incredible threesome. So come in and enjoy this episode of Ballhoneys, you will want to hire these chicks!

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