Savannah Stern

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Watch this video now! Savannah is a Size Queen
Can He Score? - 46,798 Views, 118 Likes, 1,233 Favorites
This week we have the very beautiful and voluptuous Savannah Stern. She is so freaking hot! Amazing body, she is thick in all the right places with a great ass and amazing titties.The only thing you need to qualify for her pussy hole is , " you gotta have a big cock" She doesn't play around this girl. So we decided to hook up Savannah with Daniel, he's a internet marketing guy with a future in whatever..who cares. He needs to impress Savannah and show her that he has what it takes to get in her pants. Because at the end of the day its all about knowing CAN HE SCORE?!

Watch this video now! Naked Boot Camp
Fuck Team Five - 43,024 Views, 1 Likes, 1,197 Favorites
Time to get up, maggots! Today you're going to get serious and show us what you're all about! The fuck team is taking you to boot-camp so you fat-bodies better get ready - it’s time to fuck shit up! This week Shooter took the girls to a boot camp but with the fuck team you know it was more like a Booty camp. Savannah, Abbey, and Jaelyn were put to the test. Mike and Franko planned on teaching these girls to work out hard. But these dudes didn't realize that they were going to be the ones working hard, because these girls don't take shit from anybody. Little by little, the clothes started cumming off and these poor drill instructors didn't know how to react. They didn’t realize...

Watch this video now! The Bachelor Party
Fuck Team Five - 81,477 Views, 233 Likes, 2,368 Favorites
Yo what's up Bang Bros this week we have a crazy ass Fuck Team 5. The girls and i were out getting some food and finding what trouble we can get into. when Some dude recognized Satine Phoenix and invited us to his friends bachelor party. and of course the girls could not turn down an opportunity to fuck around with regular dudes. these chumps were in for a real treat. the girls come in and fucked shit up they jerked sucked and fucked these dudes. then had a little fun with themselves.

Watch this video now! The Fuck Team Survey
Fuck Team Five - 38,217 Views, 118 Likes, 1,059 Favorites
Hey what’s up everyone? So we had an all-star cast of hot porn stars this week. We had Missy Stone, Mariah Milano, Savannah Stern, and Chavon Taylor head out in our "Fan Van” to ask random dudes off the streets some sex questions. Possibly get them worked up enough to come into the Fan Van and have some real fun with 4 hot chicks. We ask the most common questions guys are more likely to bullshit through. And if they lied about what they answered we would find out, and give them hell. It was a fun outing we met some interesting dudes; some were down to come with us, and have fun, but some were surprisingly too nervous to come with us. So check it out and enjoy.

Watch this video now! Savannah Stern
Big Mouthfuls - 14,393 Views, 46 Likes, 498 Favorites
This week to get a big mouth full is the world famous prolific hottie Savannah stern. She starts off by telling us a little bit about herself, and how much she loves dick. After the interview, she showed off her ass, and she sucked on a lollipop to tease us as she prepared to suck cock. Savannah has a hot body, when she bends over to show that ass, you just have to admire how round and firm that ass of hers is. Her pussy got wet as she rubbed her clit, turning herself on even more. She got to sucking cock. Then she fucked like a stallion until she got the load in her mouth.

Watch this video now! Savabbah Stern
Tugjobs - 6,576 Views, 1 Likes, 154 Favorites
When i met JT for the first time, i was pretty excited. He is a very cute guy, plus i had heard his package was quite big.. I couldn't wait to stroke his cock! So the moment came, we were both chilling, he was checking me out while i took my clothes off very slowly, i teased him a little bit, especially with my big plump ass. I have to admit, my ass is an eye catcher. After i was all naked, i went straight to his pants and started rubbing his package, which to my surprise, was bigger than expected. After a bit of a tease, i pulled it out and started making it all wet with my saliva. I tugged on it hard and slow, with twists and everything in between. I must confess, i got pretty wet too,...

Watch this video now! Monster Tunes
Monsters of Cock - 20,699 Views, 73 Likes, 718 Favorites
We met up with Savannah in Downtown. I knew my monster Ramon would love her! She has a sexy ass and great tits. We had a great time messing around with all the crazy characters you meet here in Miami. Afterwards we went back to my place for some rest. The resting part went out the window the minute she spread her legs and revealed that juicy, pink pussy. This girls wild! She was practically begging for Ramon's giant cock. She gave a great blowjob. The sex was really dirty. I love this girls dirty mouth. She turns me on just by listing to her talk.

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