Victoria Valentino

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Videos of Victoria Valentino

Watch this video now! Your Fired!
Milf Soup - 48,938 Views, 2 Likes, 1,632 Favorites
With today's economy... job security is very important! There is nothing worse than getting fired! It would be pretty cool to have to fuck your way out of getting fired. In this MILF Soup this guy gets fired from his job and gets the ultimatum to redeem it back by fucking his boss. Victoria Valentina is the hot ass milf who gets the quality fucking! She has a slamming body, big tits and a nice round ass! This video is a pussy pulsing milf adventure! You should watch! Fo Show!

Watch this video now! Sex and Music
MILF Lessons - 70,014 Views, 1 Likes, 1,910 Favorites
Learning a new skill is always fun, for example learning how to play the piano can always be rewarding. Music is a great way to express yourself and with a good teacher learning how to play such a prestigious instrument can be fun. But for Jarod Diamond, this was one hell of a piano lesson he would never forget. His mom recommended Victoria Valentina to teach him how to play the piano. Victoria is an old College buddy of hers, this was just suppose to be a nice innocent piano lesson, but the Naughty Victoria had something else in mind. She was Horny and well, very attracted to Jarod. As she showed him a few basic notes she couldn’t resist the urge to have Jarod feel up all over her body...

Watch this video now! Yoga Practice
Big Tits, Round Asses - 47,894 Views, 114 Likes, 1,273 Favorites
Hi there. I am a Yoga Instructor. I teach my clients, how to do yoga with better results. This time my client was a nice girl, who lives in a big house and has a huge pair of tits. Oh my god, she was so pretty and her body is just amazing. I think, she needs just a regular exercise, but she wants me to do a little more than that. I fucked her hard outside and inside of her house. She was so hungry, and she sucked my monster so hard. My cock drilled her non stop and what was a surprise to me, is that she never got tired. My Yoga techniques are working good. Don't wait, go to the yoga classes or call me. I am a very good Yoga Instructor.

Watch this video now! getting a[head] in school
MILF Lessons - 17,257 Views, 74 Likes, 813 Favorites
Julius was always a curious boy. He was always wondering how the world worked and why. Today he had his first erection when he sat next to the prettiest girl in class. He didn't know what to do. She noticed and taunted him tellin him that he couldn't have her and that he wasn't good enough. But this only aroussed him further. He bagan to stroke his cock in class, hoping that it would make this girl undress and caress it with her mouth. But reality as if a slap to the face goaded him, the teacher mrs. Victoria called to him to answer a question on the board. Julius panicked how will be able to get up with it being up. He had to swallow his pride and rise. As he rose the whole class got a...

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