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Ass Parade Episode:
“Sunglass Butt”

Monday September 18, 2006

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With summer winding down, I realized my sunglasses are looking "fucked up" right about now, and I needs to get me a new pair..So I holla at my homie Jarrod and we hit the sunglass shop for a fresh pair. When I walk in the store I see this beautiful chick working behind the counter, you know I needs to gets mines..she sez her name is Vanessa and she is willing to help us pick out a pair, Jarrod was all flirtatious with her, but I had to make him step off cause I wanted a closer look at her juicy ass..She was all shy at her first, but I had to put on my charm (plus tell I was going to buy a few pairs of designer glasses)then she was all loose..she showed me her sexy ass, and strutted that fine booty all across the store..this girl has one plump butt..Jarrod got all jealous and shit and wanted to get in on the action, so a let him feel up on that botty and get a blowjob.. that motherfucker got so horny that he fucked the shit out of this sexy little store clerk..fellas this ass is amazing, you're gonna love how she works it, Enjoy!
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Vanessa Lynn
Rating: 6.02
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