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Bang Bus Episode:
“The Revenge Plan Is In”

Wednesday May 9, 2007

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As a week went by we got the bang bus patrolling the streets of Miami again in search for some victims. How long and how much does it takes to get someones attention. That was the question I was looking for answer on. To be honest its really hard to figure this out. One day you can pick up some smoking hot chick without even trying hard, and the next day the most ugliest girl on the planet would be so ignorant even though you offer her a load of cash. Where is the logic? Or its all about how lucky you are. I guess so. Whatever. Sometimes I just think either all women are wierdoos, either ... thats actually the point where my thoughts come to complete stop. So today we were driving to find somebody to have a good time with. As usually. The new driver D took me over to some rich neighborhood saying that its called Hialeah. I had some different picture of this area from what I've heard. Well maybe it was undiscovered part of this famous Miami district. As soon as we got there we met this girl Bianca. She said that she was visiting her sister who stole her (Bianca's) boyfriend. Why the hell in the world you wanna visit someone who just recently banged your men? Speaking of the women. So I was like “Do you want to go with us, so we could all think about the “pay back strategy”? She was up for it. A couple minutes later I picked up my boy and the revenge was pretty planed. Let me tell you how hot this girl was. Her nice perky tits and cute tight pussy was a combination of those things you don't want to miss. The sex was great. I got so many nice shots. So go ahead and check this out. PP
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