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Magical Feet Episode:
“Make It Rayne Jizz On My”

Wednesday July 23, 2008

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On todayís episode we are ever so lucky to have the goddess of a woman Veronica Rayne. In she comes with her beautiful body and luscious breasts!!! She teases me, (man do I love my job), tells me everything that I wanna hear, and in comes our stud Eric Swiss, on to the action. She starts telling him what she wants to do to him with her feet and starts unzipping his jeans, and off she goes .She starts feet STROKING him while playing with her tits and cookie. she does it multiple angles, and man what an ANGLE lol. Anywho, she strokes, and strokes, till he canít take anymore, and blows one hell of a load that pleases Veronica. Guys this shoot is worth the one week wait...STAY TUNED!!!!!
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Veronica Rayne
Rating: 7.34
( 6231 Votes )