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Wednesday May 25, 2005

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IT'S PP'S BIRTHDAY! At least I think it was.. anyways I went ahead and orchestrated a magnificent gala complete with Presto's favorite things... balloons and farm animals!!! It was a grand occasion only to be helped along with the chance encounter of Avilette... trust me.. I had to re-read that to make sure I typed the wrong fucking name... anyways.. This broad Avi was hanging out window shopping with her tongue hanging out.... I took that as an oppurtunity to not only bag me a latin woman with a great ass and tits and offer her to the porn gods.. but also to help my boy out on his b-day! Avi was so willing to celebrate this occasion.. all ready to give PP a blowjob and let me film some great amateur sex... she's a trooper! As do all things that are great... they must come to an end... so when we were done "celebrating" with Avi.. it was time for us to get some ribs and try my damndest to get PP a cake to embarass him... yeah.. haha.. like I'd really do some gay shit like that.. anyways... enjoy the shoot!! It was fun... I think we should celebrate PP's birthday every week now... it makes for great footage! The Dirty One...
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Nikki Nievez
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