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Bang Bus Episode:
“Flame On!”

Wednesday July 13, 2005

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Well fellas.. we've decided to get a little festive for this week's antics... Ugs and I came across some leftover fireworks from the 4th... and decided what better way to make use of our find than right here on the fuckin' Bang Bus! Leave it to Ugs tho.. to start setting them off on the fucking dashboard and engulf the guts of the bus in smoke.. sheesh.. Never hand Ugly fireworks! So yeah.. in the midst of our travels.. we found ourselves in one of Miami's lesser known trailer parks choking on smoke... not the Cheech and Chong type either my fine feathered friends... when lo and behold a knock on the door by the friendly trailer park neighborhood inspector person... yeah... Marie was her name.. now she might not be the best looking chick we've seen.... but fuck it... our mission needed to get accomplished.. besides.. I wanted to see how good I REALLY am... so after offering our minimum wage wench a few extra dollars to tag along... it was a wrap! DJ Rain, a former employer of Ugs... was down for the cause and handled the situation nicely! Huge naturl boobs just oozing out of Marie's shirt were just great! Not to mention the ass cracking was definitely up to standards! Then the pussy fucking filming commenced! I tell ya.. I never had a doubt that I'd pull this off.. .I'm the Dirtiest Sanchez of them all.. ha! Enjoy yourselves fuckers... The Dirty One...
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Rating: 3.96
( 482 Votes )