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Bang Bus Episode:

Wednesday April 5, 2006

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J-Mac's always telling me about how "hood" Hialeah is... you know... how they're quick to punch a dude in the face for living type.... yeah.. well.. check this one out... Gonz made a special appearance and sat in at the helm of the Bang Biddus... taking the reins for the time being... I really wanted to test our shit and went to Downtown Miami... land of the roaming vagabonds... bums... ok... fucking bums... so yeah... it was fucking Spring Break DownTown '06!!! hahaha... they were all out catching some sun rays... Driving down Skid Row.. I spotted Ann... a really cute white girl in the midst of all this... fucking chick had dread locks.... a WHITE girl with dreads... I knew this one was in the bag... So yeah.. we offered her some scrilla for some questions when a fucking bum fight breaks out and the loser tries to get at me for a ringside interview! As if the cash wasn't enough.. now the bum scare too! Shit.. no wonder Ann came along... the best part of that whole thing was that J-Mac.. you know.. Mr. Hialeah... didn't DO SHIT! All that shit talking...for what? The Dirty One was in peril!!!! Anyways... fuck him... Didn't take much to get Ann to flash us her natural perky tits... dreads on a white chick = hippie tendencies... free love.. free anal... the whole shebang! Plus more money in the face doesn't hurt either! For a homeless chick.. she had a nice juicy round ass.... plus you KNOW her dick sucking skills were up to par! The whole hitchiker steez.... that's right.. Sanchez is down with the hip terminology! J-Mac does a grand job of fucking Ann's brains out... straight bum sex in full effect! You know the ending...if not...peep the trailer... again if you have to...All in all.. it was a triumphant day... Enjoy this one fuckers... The Dirty One...
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Rating: 4.18
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