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Bang Bus Episode:

Wednesday August 2, 2006

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So, this girl Lisa. What can I say. She's a cum hungry Cuban. I love that in a girl! She was such a hot fuck. J mac doesn't shut the fuck up about her. "I wonder what happened to that Cuban girl after we ditched her in the middle of no where?" Hey asks. ôLet's go by the art school to see if we can find her again?" He moans. I swear to Gotti! They say the driver guy is gay. J mac had been kicking it with that guy to much. Did I mention that the driver guy showed up dressed as some sort of 1970's Cuban. J mac and I have never laughed so hard at someone. O.K., there was that time we....." Never mind! Anyway, back to the Cuban girl. She's such a talented artist. Her sketches are childlike and basic yet you can tell there's so much more underneath the surface of that big titie, big booty, blond Cuban girl. She had hidden talents that we discovered on our brief yet memorable journey. She gave an amazing blowjob. What else! Oh ya, she can ride a dick like a pro, despite being an amateur. Let's see, I think that's it. Oh ya! J mac came all over her cute face. She seemed to really enjoy that part!The pleasant look of ecstasy on her face gave it away. Where or where has my blond, Cuban, pussy gone. I'll probably never see her again. Where ever you are Lisa, keep painting, I know one day you'll be a great artist. The Dirty One!!!
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Rating: 3.85
( 449 Votes )