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Bang Bus Episode:
“A Slice Of Spring Break”

Wednesday March 21, 2007

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Yo whats up you motherfuckers out there! I bet you missed us this whole month. Thats right the bus is back bitches...well sort of. I was supposed to meet up with Sanchez this week. He had invited me over for some South Beach fun, but when I get on the bus there was no Sanchez. Only this scrawny looking kid who says he is Bang Bus's biggest fan. He told me Sanchez was out late last night and was partied out. He also gave the super fan the keys to the truck. Something seemed weird about the whole thing but hey we're on the bus and were at the Beach so I decided to have a little fun myself. We cruised around for a couple hours talking to random chicks in hopes of getting them in the bus, but let me tell you it's not as easy as it looks. We finally managed to get this one girl to flash us for two hundred dollars but she dipped before we could have anymore fun with her. We were a little frustrated, so we cruised around for a few more hours trying to see what we can scrounge up out there. After all its Spring Break! Finally when we thought this was going to be a bogus ride we scoped out this blonde bombshell and this chocolate momma walking down the strip. We told them we were two college students shooting a documentary and asked them if they could jump in and talk to us.The plan worked! After a little while, We offered them some money and got them to flash their titties at us. We knew this was it because when it finally came to the moment of truth and after one of them decided this wasn't her thing and ditched her friend . The blonde bombshell showed us she was willing to show us more, she only had two conditions that we pay her and that she chooses which man she wants to fuck. We couldn't refuse. So come back to the bus and check out this nice slice of Spring Break heaven we have for you. Preston Parker out
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Stella Costanza
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