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Bang Bus Episode:
“Don't Tell Me What”

Wednesday August 13, 2008

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Feeling as if we needed a change of scenery we took the bus out to the grove this week. It was milf and gilf central over there let me tell you. A bunch of high-class snobby women, but leave it to us to spot the one susceptible girl to lure into the bus. This one was a Colombian; I donít recall her name but I do recall her ass... impeccable. She was like most Colombian girls Iíve encountered throughout my life spouting all this "Iím my own woman" and "I donít need no man to tell me what to do" type crap. And like most Colombian women Iíve known she was full of shit. Any girl I can get to do the things she did to shaggy on this trip is nothing more than my puppet!
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Rating: 4.73
( 683 Votes )