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Bang Bus Episode:
“Thanks For The Free Ride”

Wednesday October 29, 2008

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Hey, so Shaggy, man of mystery and apparently he of too many jobs, told us to meet up with him in front of one of his many part-time places. We figured that since we were in the area we'd see who we can pick up for some fun down on the beach. No luck, all the girls we're blowing us off (not in a good way) and telling us to go away. We figured something was going way wrong, and this had to be fixed. We went and picked up Shaggy, and drove around again. This time I brought money to remedy the situation, and would you believe it, we got ourselves a good old girl from Tahiti (is that even in the U.S.?). Anyway, it turns out this girl is a freak who just needed an excuse to be out of the hot sun and naked with some cock in her mouth. She said it was about the money but we knew better. Nobody rides cock that good. She was fucking and sucking Shaggy without shame on the bus. Of course while they were fucking I got into her purse and I got my money back. What does she think? We have to pay for this, were BangBros! Afterwards, we dropped her off in some neighborhood somewhere far. I don't even know. Oh well good riddance thanks for the free ride.
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Rating: 4.60
( 525 Votes )