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Wednesday March 16, 2005

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Well here we go... One Mo' Gain!!!!!! Sorry about that.. had to rep for all my Dirty South peeps... so yeah... what a firecracker we have for you this week I tell ya!! This french named Irish lass had the unfortunate oppurtunity to encounter me, Marc-hole, and Alex as we were on our way to pick up a friend of ours from a college baseball game... but this red headed broad was just too much of a dimwit for me to pass up on... so after meager negotiations.. this broke college dorm dummie was nabbed and taken on the ride of her life! Nothing better than a college chick from out of town with no friends and no ca$h to be offered as a sacrifice to the porn go... I mean me... ha! Cosette's probably still searching for those papers of hers... don't know what I'm talking about.. then find out!!! Oh yeah.. one more thing.. I had to put those clips of Marco in his truest form.. too golden to pass up! NOW WHO'S THE FAG HUH MARC-HOLE!?!?!?! NOT I! The Dirty One!!!!
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Cosette Angelique
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