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Bang Bus Episode:

Thursday February 20, 2003

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I TRICKED ZUKO into driving the good ol' Bang Bus by promising him that he'd get paid...what a think that my own roommate would know better! Anyways, we came across this GORGEOUS latina by the name of Anna that seemed like she could barely walk and chew gum at the same time, which is exactly the way we like 'em!! She was so fine, I swear I almost called this whole thing off just so I could keep her for myself....but then I thought of fans..and said..fuck it....let's ALL enjoy watching her get slammed!! I tell ya, I'm not as bad as people think....whatever! We told her that we were going to a modeling agency to look for girls to model our hotpants and baby tee' know how this turns out.....Anthony gets all up in her guts and does me proud once again..well not me.... you know what I mean!!! Let me add one more thing...SHE DOES ANAL! What else do you want?? Check this out....and watch the carnage...Enjoy...The Dirty One...
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