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Bang Bus Episode:

Wednesday August 21, 2002

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SO CHECK THIS ONE OUT... I came up with this crazy idea for our next mission. I brought Anthony along with me and Ugs on our journey to turn out every whore we came across. Only this time there was a twist to the saga. I made Anthony dress up in a fucked up outfit and made him act like a retard!!! I figured it would make the bitches we pick up more comfortable, being that they are about as smart as one! Anyways, we came across this sweet looking ho by the name of Leslie. We convinced to come along for a ride with us after she told us about how her boyfriend had just dumped or something...I didn't care enough to pay attention to her. After she saw Anthony and we told her that it was his birthday...this whore was done. All it takes is some cash and a weak-minded bitch and we're in business! Anthony sure made me proud and he'll make you as well! Hilarious shoot! Enjoy....The Dirty One...
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