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Can He Score? Episode:
“Melissa Lauren Yanks The”

Friday February 13, 2009

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This week on can he score, we have the gorgeous Melissa Lauren trying out her luck with one of our average local guys on a blind date. Melissa hasn't gone on a date in quite some time, so she decided to say "what the hell" and see if a regular dude has what it takes to legitimately get in her pants. John Hancock is an average Joe from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and he is thrilled to do what every man in America and possibly around the world would give his left nut for. Thatís to go on a date with a random porn star. What Joe doesn't know is that we are setting him up with Melissa Lauren, can he sore? Youíll have to watch to find out.
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Melissa Lauren
Rating: 7.00
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