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Big Tits Cream Pie Episode:
“Golden Cream Pie”

Saturday June 14, 2008

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Hello everybody. Hungry for another Cream Pie that comes with a pair of big tits? I bet you are. This time I got you Savanah Gold. Yep, I know everyone is in love with her enormous boobs. Well today on top of that you'll also get some cream pie dripping out of her British pussy also known as cunt. My boy C-Lo also known as Puck or Commando was the lucky one. And I'm being a bit sarc-c-c-castic. This girl tore him apart, she called him by every name in the book as he was fucking her. It was hilarious. Even when he stuck his cock into her asshole she wouldn't stop calling him “my little bitch”. I was thinking maybe in addition to all those stage names this guy has, he should also go for this one. Yeah, the cream pie was awesome, stop by later!!!
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Savanah Gold
Rating: 8.86
( 26006 Votes )