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Ball Honeys Episode:

Friday November 25, 2005

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Butders and I hit downtown Miami for some girl shopping. That's where we met Tinkerbelle. I know what your thinking, and it is a stupid name, but she said it was a nickname from her youth that just stuck. What am I talking about? This girl is still in her youth. She's only eighteen. We didn't believe it either, but I checked her ID. Anyways, we got her back to the crib where she showed us that she could suck her own tits. I asked her if she had any other talents. Now get this, she said she could make her pussy breath. No shit, she showed us. The thing was inhaling and exhaling. Once you have a girl showing you her pussy, the rest kinda works it's self out. This girl gave Butders an amazing blowjob. I mean she took it all down, and I'm pretty sure even the neighbors could hear her slurping it up. Then came the sex. This one was pretty flexible. Butders fucked that shit every which way, and left her ass with a cream pie. Wait till you see the pussy breathing footage. It's all in the movie. You'll see what I'm talking about.
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Rating: 5.55
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