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Ball Honeys Episode:

Friday April 28, 2006

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Jordan and I were about to leave a fast food joint when I spotted a hot spring breaker. I ran over and started my game talk, but I didn't even have to try. The girl recognized me. She said that her and her boyfriend watch my sex movies. So all I had to do was offer her a part, and it was on. Her name is Destiny. Destiny is a hot Latina, also from Jersey, with great tits, and an amazing ass. Her tight little waist makes her ass stand out that much more. Like I said, I had Jordan with me, and he can't work a fucking camera, so it was his turn by default. Too bad though, I was looking forward to giving her the crooked wonder. In true Bangbros style, I oiled up her tits and ass to get her hot, and then I fed her Jordan. It looked like she gave a good blow job (most Puerto Rican chicks do). Then Jordan fucked the hell out of this girl. He had her pussy dripping. She even came twice. All in a days work. Oh but get this, the fucker came on my shoe. I mean he gave her a good facial, but he also got my shoe. Everyone I talked to the rest of the day though I just finished jerkin off. Usually they'd be right, but I always aim for the sink. Anyways, check out the film. I'm sure you'll like it.
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Rating: 6.43
( 2487 Votes )