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Ball Honeys Episode:
“Kina Kara”

Friday July 21, 2006

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Jmac has been talking to this girl, Kina Kara, through myspace for the past month or so. Finally, after loads of begging, she agreed to come meet with us and have some fun. I picked her up, for the second time, at her house, and she complained about my jeep... I guess she likes the beemer better. We went back to the aparmtent, where she taught us a few 'gangsta'' words and chilled for a bit. This girl has an amazing body. Her tits are picture perfect and she has an ass that is th biggest thing I've ever seen. I kept on joking with her, saying her ass is so big it could cause an eclipse! hehe Anyways, she got buck naked for us, although Jmac was kinda rude and didn't help her do so.. even after she asked him to! KIna, kept on bragging on how good she sucked dick, but once she stuck that shit down her throat, my boy said it felt like heaven. He agrees with her, she does give a killer blowjob. Jmac is a weak man, so since she was about to make him cum with her mouth, he had to turn the tables around and start punding this broad. I mean.. he was all up in her guts, as she said. Just check it out, cuz this girl is so 'fly', she supa' fine... yeah, im still working on my rapping and ghetto words...
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Kina Kara
Rating: 6.07
( 1949 Votes )