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Trailer: "Melissa"

Wednesday June 8, 2005

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I know ya'll heard about the insanity that transpires here on sunny South Beach during Memorial Day weekend... thousands of humans jamming up the 3 main aves.... it's fucking nuts! Well.. in testimonial of the chaos.. Ugs was at the recieving end of a drunk driver's bumper.. haha! That fucker got his shits fucked..arm in the sling and all of that! So he finally came out of his groggy state to return to the helm of the Bang Bizzus!!! God I'm awesome! Anyways.. we were on the hunt for any stragglers of the holiday weekend when we came across Melissa. This latina chick had some of the greatest natural d tits I've seen in a while! Toasty brown nipps and all! She was so giddy when she saw the camera that I forgot to tell her (on purpose) that we weren't a tv station! Who cares.. she'll be famous one way or another if I have anything to do about it. Melissa was one of those chicks that doesn't shut her pie hole... but loves the cock.... hmmm... so the best way that I could think of to shut her up was to get her to give PP a nice long wet blowjob. Her dick sucking skills were definitely up to par!!! Sheesh.. you'd think she was starving the way she was sucking on the dick... then came the steamy sex filming that was so intense my lens was still fogged up when we kicked Melissa to the curb! Ass cheeks jiggling with a wet pussy dripping down on PP's funstick was great to watch! Her luscious huge boobs bouncing up and down were just ... well damn! Enjoy this one fellas.. I sho nuff did... The Dirty One...
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