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Trailer: "Who DID let the dogs out?"

Wednesday March 23, 2005

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I can't believe that I was a part of this caper... I mean... don't get me wrong.... nabbing broads off the street and broadcasting their sexcapades all over the world via the web is enough for me... I actually enjoy this shit... but wow... what Marcos did.. is ... FUCKING GREAT!!!! But yeah.. this chick Brynn (who the fuck names their kid that?!) is walking her dog down South Beach while she's on spring break... had to be a Canadian chick to bring a dog along her vacation.. sheesh.. so as soon as we gathered all these facts.. we knew that this was our catch of the day. I must say, Brynn has some of the best natural set of tits that have been on the Bang Bus in a while... not to mention a juicy little tight ass... it was great!I do need to mention that Marcos gay ass was so in love with the dog that he damn near fucked up the entire film.. luckily for me.. and all of you... he realized where he was and that he had already checked his gayness in at the door... PP is a special case .. but you all know that already.... Watch the trailer... be mesmerized by my skill.. AND JOIN! The Dirty One...
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