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Trailer: "Sara"

Wednesday June 23, 2004

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ZUKO HAS TAKEN OVER!! That's right fuckos.... I, ZUKO, have taken control of this outfit! I'm sick of Dirty Sanchez's insults.... and all you fuckers that got a nice hardy har har out his jokes... FUCK YOU! I'm the one that puts in all the work.. that drives that god-damn bus to the reaches of the earth for your pleasure.. so if you're offended.. grab that tissue full of baby batter and wipe your fuckin' tears away.. cuz I don't give 2 fucks!!! Anyways... I pointed out this beautiful blonde jogging on our way to search for poontang and told Sanchez to pick her up.. of course he won't admit to it but whatever.... She gets in... we find out this chick is Canadian Ey... and Alex attempts to show how her how things are done in the states.. sounds good right?? WRONG!!!! After all was said and done.. he couldn't even answer Sara.. yeah.. that's her name.. when she asked him which hole was tighter.. her ass or pussy... so of COURSE Zuko had to step in and show her how a REAL MAN does things... I don't even give a fuck if you enjoy this shit.. I had a hell of a time!! SUCKERS!!!!!!
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