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Trailer: "Tyler"

Wednesday July 14, 2004

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Log this one into the record books my loyal minions.... this is something that you've never seen on the Bang Bizzus!!! Tony had asked me to come along for a mission in the name of science!!! So what if it's for his night school project?!? We came across Tyler in the mean streets of little havana.. cubano central!!! After some small talk with this dizzy blonde... we offer her chump change to engage in Tony's science fair project...GAME OVER!!! This chick wastes no time in revealing her promiscuity and eagerness to suck and fuck Tony.... Now .. here's where it gets funky... Tony apparently not only ate a girl out that he just met AND had sex without a condom.. but the fucker came inside Tyler!!!!!! sheesh.. then people wonder why I have to make people disappear some times... Fortunately for Tony... we ditched Tyler the first second we could!! Hopefully she didn't read our license plate.... I doubt she did... she was busy sucking on dirt and fumes!! HAHA!! The Dirty One...
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