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Ass Parade Episode:
“Seeing Stars”

Monday October 10, 2005

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So me and the guys had plans to see Candace and Luscious at a signing in a local porn spot. Alex got all excited 'cause he's worked with this delicious pair of bubble butts before. I can't tell you how embarassed I felt for Alex when we got there and neither girl remembered him! Can't entirely blame them - they are big stars now and all. This ebony and ivory pairing is ass heaven! I could watch these two titan tushes all day. Luscious and Candace took pics with their fans, and Noah and Alex took full advantage of the opportunity to make sure the girls never forget them again. They started with some PDA (public display of ass-worship). You've gotta check out how Alex's head practically disappears into Luscious's huge ass! Let me tell you guys that the duo blowjob was the best I've seen in a long time! That's what got things rolling. These girls are pros and didn't mind the crowd gathering to watch them fuck. Like a real assparade star, Luscious begged for a big cock in her ass and my boys delivered. Trust me, if there's an episode you don't wanna miss, it's this one right here. Enjoy!!
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Rating: 6.85
( 4153 Votes )

Luscious Lopez
Rating: 7.83
( 9835 Votes )