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Ass Parade Episode:
“Ass Police”

Monday April 16, 2007

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Whats up, fellas? The Ass Parade is here. And its right on your ass, in the whole meaning. Imagine yourself driving a car and the next second you see some freacking cop chasing you. Whats your reaction, of course you'll be like " holy shit here it comes another ticket" and all this negative emotions all of a sudden are about to ruin your day. But this story had completely different line. From the moment this cop opened the door and stepped outside I realized that we are facing some cool action going in the near future. And I was right. An officer Moore was the hottest cop I've ever seen in my entire life. Her partner Alayah had the most round ass in the whole of Miami. Those two looked so fucking good that you wish to be arrested by them every single day. Thats whats happen to my boy Johnny who's birthday was that day. He got arrested for driving with no license. But instead of putting him in jail they took him into the woods and he fucked the shit out those officers. What a birthday present. I always wanted to do something like that. Just watch it!!! Your brother from another mother, PP.
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Alayah Sashu
Rating: 7.07
( 5183 Votes )

Carmel Moore
Rating: 8.20
( 13868 Votes )