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Bang Bus Episode:
“Guess Who?!”

Wednesday April 13, 2005

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Yes.... yes indeed..... this marks a monumental moment in Bang Bus History!!! I know you guys are used to me saying this all the time.... BUT THIS IS ONE FOR THE FUCKING BOOKS!!!! So PP and Gonz were nowhere to be found...AGAIN... so I called up my trustee back up dong..Paul.. and we were off on yet another adventure! It was as simple as picking Daisy's... and wouldn't you know that's this weeks lucky contestant on The Wheels of Porkin'!!!! Daisy's barely 18 sexy self was wandering aimlessly thru Miami's mean streets... but as soon as I saw her young face with perky tits and nice little ass.... I knew she was our Neo (the one... for you fuckers that have been living in Afghani caves) You know what my loyal minions... there are times that I just can't believe what the fuck goes on in the cauldron of debauchery that is the Bang Bus...take Daisy... At what point in her existence on this planet did she willingly say to herself " I'd love to get into a van full of strange men... and then allow myself to get stuffed by a toothless blackman?" hahahaha.. I FUCKING LOVE IT!!! I'm not even gonna tell you what the big deal is.. you're gonna have to watch the trailer! I will, however, say this... the days of ol' school BB are on the horizon.. and we've got an integral part back! What could it be? wait.. what the fuck are you still doing reading this shit.... WATCH IT!!!!! The Dirty Mother Fucking One!!!
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Daisy Dean
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