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Bang Bus Episode:

Thursday April 28, 2005

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So four and a half hours into the prowl ,I spot what appears to be a possible episode maker. A block and a half later ,I was sure. This bad girl was smokin' hot ,plus she could actually form complete sentences! Amazing! She even had that southern charm ,manners and accent that make many a man ,weak. Six minutes of Sanchez scrambling her brain like an egg in a blender ,a few benjees and poof ,she hoped right in. And you know we just had to show her some southern hospitality (bangbus style of course). All that properness didn't amount to an ashtray full of used condoms ,because once we cracked this bitch open... well ,the trailer will give you a little taste ,but the full... now that's a great fuckin' movie. My boy Jt put it down dude. After he got cutie to give him a blow job ,he had her squat on his face. Like if that wasn't enough ,they sixtynined! You know crunch time was on after that ,and homeboy has a big ol' curved dick. He FUCKED THE SHIT OUT OF THAT TIGHT LITTLE PUSSY with that motherfucker. This girl wanted it bad , she wanted to be bad ,she was bad. She looked so content once the cum hit her face. If you like screaming and dirty fuck talk you'll love this episode. If you don't like screaming and dirty fuck talk you'll still love this episode. We decided to let this girl hang out for a minute... plus I owed sanchez one. Ugly.
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Rating: 4.43
( 457 Votes )