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Bang Bus Episode:

Thursday May 5, 2005

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IT WAS CHAOS FROM THE GET GO!!! I've never been involved in such an altercation with Ugs and PP before... put it to you this way. this shoot almost didn't make it due to Ugly's uncanny ability to nearly kill us in car accidents... sheesh... It's all good tho.. Ugs more than made up for it by scooping up this GORGEOUS spaniard bee-itch named Celeste.. I'm guessing it was all of Ugs tatts.. great ass and nice tits.. but her shirt looked like a dish rag.. so I KNEW that this one was good to go... Finally..Ugs did something right! After flexing my diplomatic muscle on this broad... she stepped into the arena and we were off.. They say that Spaniard women have great asses.. and Celeste wasn't about to become the exception! I did however feel the need to pay her back for conquering my ancestors land.... gotta rep for all my south americans! With that as my was pretty much a wrap for her... Presto's cock beating her pussy hole in properly was a great sight... not to mention that the ass and pussy licking cock sucking fiasco commonly known as a 69 was fanstastic! After recieving the red eye from PP's cyclops... we all knew the next course of action... rapid deployment of the subject and immediate retreat! ha! It was great... enjoy bitches... The Dirty One...
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Rating: 4.46
( 482 Votes )