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Bang Bus Episode:

Wednesday July 27, 2005

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I have no idea what kind of screening process we're going thru these days with the selection of male counterparts we're bringing along on the Bizzang Bus.. but I do know that we have GOT to get a different system in here... Ugly brings me this guy named Otter.. that's right... OTTER! Apparently they linked up at some bar and Ugs promised him a seat on the rolling thunder... sheesh.. what Ugs'll do to cover a bar tab! YADA YADA YADA... Otter had this whole movie star look thing going on... I guess... where was I? oh yeah! So Otter, Ugs, and I were hell bent on achieving success! Enter Alex. This sexy milf looking broad was walking to work when she came across the best thing that's ever happened to her menial existance... but damn did she look good! She has some fantastic natural jugs and a tight round ass.. I tell ya.. certified to the T! After offering her a week's pay for 20 minutes of her time.. the usual spiel.. we were off! With Alex being an older woman... I proceeded to ask her how she thinks we should approach woman... these chicks nowadays... feeding me all sorts of ammo! I can't stress to you guys how much of a great fucking milf Alex is! Once she started to take her clothes off... I was hooked! Great nipples on perky breasts and a clean shaven pussy with a great butt! Do I really need to say anymore? Otter did come thru in the clutch... supplying the big dick for Alex to suck on. After her sensational blowjob.. the fucking was just as intense! Sex scenes in a moving bus are always a trip.. especially when homeboy goes raw... haha... I love it! At the end of the day.. this chick gets some bad news concerning her employment.. I don't know.. don't care enough to remember.. I will say this tho... from now on.. ALL PASSENGERS GET STRIP SEARCHED BEFORE LEAVING THE BANG BUS! I'll handle the women folk and Ugs'll do the body cavity searches on the men..... the natural order of things.. Enjoy! The Dirty One...
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Rating: 3.87
( 318 Votes )