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Bang Bus Episode:

Wednesday November 23, 2005

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JT wouldn't shut the fuck up about paying his stupid cellphone bill and made Marko and I take him to a fuckin' store... WHO DOES THIS STILL? You'd think that the kid would've figured out that he can pay it online... HE IS ON THE WEB! Sheesh.. guess that's why he's a stunt cock... haha.. love ya JT! But yeah... he does make up for the hassle by bringing back Selene... haha.. I thought it was his sister! Come to find out that Selene is addicted to her cell phone and doesn't have the loot to get her service back... on top of the fact that she let JT talk her back to me... well.. you know... I spit the "documentary = $$$" speech and she was good to go! Selene's petite frame....great round perky boobs... nice firm ass... shiiet.. I was sold... This has got to be one of the coolest broads we've picked up in a long time! She was running with it all! So much so that while the subject of honesty was being discussed... I asked her if she would show us her boobs... crossed my fingers and she was down for it! Something about liberation or some shit... who knows... point is.. we saw her great set of tits! After that.. the snowball kept rolling... asked her if she wanted to see JT's cock piece... and it was an emphatic yes... Selene was bragging about her blowjob skills.. so we put her to the test.. let me tell you something gentlmen.. she's damn good! Then the camel toe made it's first appearance... and it was a wrap! Great sex caught on film by me.. the iLLustrious D. Sanchez.. I decided to dust off the ol' shinebox again... heh.. if you're already a part of the minions.. you know the deal.. but if you're not... well... there's only one way to figure that one out suckas... Enjoy! The Dirty One...
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Rating: 3.87
( 351 Votes )