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Bang Bus Episode:
“Lawda Mercy!”

Wednesday December 21, 2005

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You know... not to brag...too much... the Almighty Bang Bus heralded in a new era of online debauchery... we started this whole trend! I mean... really... where else would you have found 3 guys, a van, a camera, and the intellectual property to mastermind such a dastardly deed?! Only in Miami meng... hahaha... for real... but yeah.. Mercy had the fates spin her destiny to intersect with mine own... poor thing... She was coming out of some trendy South Beach store with ambitions of materialistic gain... whoa... what's with my writing... D. Sanchez can read good fuckers!!! So I kick the whole $$$ for questions gig... to the sum of $500... as soon as she mentioned that was half her rent.. I knew the prospect was gold! In the Bang Bus we find ourselves patting each other on the back..not ass as JT would've liked... for such a great find! This chick had a body! Nice round perky NATURAL tits... great toasty nips... a tight bubble butt... and a self proclaimed "tight pussy"... exactly.. that's what the convo was like... guess she figured that she could maybe sweet talk herself into more cash??? Who knows? But the reality of the situation suggests otherwise... So yeah... we talk her out of her shirt and everything else along with it..and get down to business... Mercy did have a sense of humor about it tho... any broad who burps into cameras and thinks it's cute... well... you know... Blowjob classes were conducted by Prof. Mercy in the south end of the Bang Bus... JT's lucky rainbow ass got to plow his cock deep into Mercy's wet pussy... great sex... and then... the punchline! In classic Bang Bus fashion... we convince the broad to pay for our subs first.... we needed to stop by the ATM.... haha.. needless to say.. you know the outcome.... Enjoy this one's good shit.... The Dirty One...
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Mercy Marie
Rating: 3.88
( 291 Votes )