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Bang Bus Episode:
“Jada And Roger”

Wednesday January 4, 2006

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Just when you that it was SAFE...we're back bring you a whole new batch of unsuspecting hoochies for the 'O6-on the Almighty Bang Bus...This week we got Ugs back behind the better believe it...and we brought our boy Roger, from back in the do a little sumtin' we havent done in a favorite sport in the whole wild world...Stripper Hunting. Ugs drove us down to Little Hati...what? Obviously not the best place to look for strippers, but we where lucky we are in the middle of hunting we scoped out this Purple and Pink Building (the universal strip club colors) and waited for a hottie to walk in to our sites...Out comes this sexy redbone with a beautiful pear of firm round tits...that we convinced to give us so help with our documentary for 500 buck...She gets in and gives us the lowdown on how much money she makes at the club...this girl ain't gonna be cheap...oh yes she will I'm the one and only D...I gotta just where I want her. I convince her to take her clothes off and show that sexy body... Her tight pussy and perfectly round booty were all the more reason to proceed!!! My Boy Roger couldn't control himself back there with her and had to tap that ass.. you know the deal..well... there's only one way to close this one out suckas... Enjoy! The Dirty One...
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Rating: 5.10
( 857 Votes )