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Bang Bus Episode:

Wednesday February 15, 2006

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Ok, I really need to start thinking thrice when it comes to letting Ugly bring a guy along... This kid Mike just magically appears in the cauldron of debauchery of mines... brought in by Ugs... he supposedly "paid" Ugly to be part of the Infamous after spotting him at some skate park... the skate park thing I believe... but Ugs probably owes this kid money for something and is using the Bang Bus to pay off debts! sheesh... well.. whatever... haha.. that's the Ugs factor... so yeah... We decided to head out to Bal Harbour.. an upscale community here in Miami... As soon as I spotted Geri in the mall parking lot... I made moves to snag her... I decided to test the waters and start the bidding low... $50... she scoffed that off quick fast! So after shooting the shit about her stencil of an existance... we come to find out that this broad is a bag lady! $650 for some designer bag... that's EXACTLY the reason this shit works for us!!! Fuckin' women! So you know we had to promise to buy her the bag...prompting her to reach for the door REAL FAST! Once inside... Mike's non-talking ass did all an 18 year old boy knew how to do in the presence of a woman... nothing... fucking pathetic! But apparently... Geri liked that and couldn't wait to get Mike to open up to her... this was great... When we told Geri that Mikee boy was a virgin.. she decided to pop his cherry right then and there! Great natural perky tits came flying out of her shirt... her juicy round bubble butt ass bursting from her pants.... good shit my friends! This chick's blowjob skills were fucking intense! and yo... she can ride a dick! Her ass cheeks bouncing on Mike's "virgin" cock is priceless! I really couldn't stand either of these two afterwards... fucking retards... so I decided to get rid of them both.... and if you two are reading this.... " SUCK A SANCHEZ DICK FROM THE BACK!" Ghetto pass in full effect bee-atch! The Dirty One....
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Rating: 4.07
( 314 Votes )