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Bang Bus Episode:

Wednesday May 24, 2006

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So my not so straight driver is all pist at me cause he says I'm always making him look gay in front of the whole world. So this one's for you man! For the record this guy is almost a heterosexual. Just not a very good one. At least, I think he's straight.... Anyway, this weeks update is of the heazie. Ramon graced us with his sleepy, tired, presence and was unconscious half of the shoot. Then we went to the bank and Ramon spotted a hot peace of Milf ass. We stopped her for a nice chat and found out that she was in the middle of a nasty divorce and needed some cash. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time cause you know she ain't gonna get a penny from me. I promised her the world and she was so excited I almost felt bad for her. Almost.... Ramon awoke when he realized he was gonna get to hit this hot broad and fucked the hell out of her with his monster meat stick. This lady had never been pounded like that. I guarantee it! She was really into it. You know how freaky this older women get! She probably hadn't had sex in years. Anyway, check out the trailer for visual confirmation. By the way, she had a great set of tits. She had really big fun bags and we had lot of fun with them. We then proceeded to ditch her in the middle of no where. We all had a great time. It seemed like she had a great time too except for the end of course. Another job well done! -Sanchez
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Rating: 5.47
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