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Bang Bus Episode:
“Downtown Express”

Wednesday June 13, 2007

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How you all doing? Bang Bus is on the road and this time we went over to downtown to see what is going on over there. This area of the greatest city of Miami wasn't truly discovered by our famous vehicle so we decided to fix it. It was a lot of people of all kind let me tell you. Businessmen and boms, hot college chicks and some weird dressed foreigners. We should come here more often. Anyway, after an hour of driving and talking with all this peeps I just told you about we ran into this hotties walking down the street. I asked them to join us on the adventure and they jumped in. Nice tits which were covered by expensive looking outfit made me think that those girls belong to the type easy going gold diggers who would do anything for money. I was right, one of them gave me a great hand job swearing that she have never done it before in front of the camera. We left them almost at the same spot where they were. Almost. After that its started raining and I thought we done for today, but right before I wanted to ask my driver to take me back we saw a lonely girl hiding from the rain. I invited her to the bus and she got on hook right away. You all know what usually happens after that. She was riding Julius cock like a cowgirl. The drop off was pretty cool. We promised to give her a tape. Poor thing really believed in that.
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