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Bang Bus Episode:
“One Is Never Enough”

Wednesday July 25, 2007

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On this nice sunny day the bang bus crew which was me, Puck and Julius went to Fort Lauderdale to see whats going on over there. We were driving around talking to bunch of people asking them questions that we usually ask. The problem that we were facing that day was that it was so hard to find girls or if it wasn't, those girls would have an attitude towards us for some reason. Then we saw this girl playing with her phone and pulled up. I offered her a hundred dollars to talk to us but a second later the wind blew it off my hands and this bill ended up in the manhole. What a waste. Anyway it turned out that this girl was from Iowa like me and I offered her to come with us. She had such a nice body so I had to ask her to flash me. What a nice tits on this chick. Julius noticed that too and she noticed that he got a bit hard. This dude got a blow job from her. Unfortunately she didn't go any farther then a blow job and we drooped her off. Julius left too. So it was me and Puck driving around until we saw another hottie walking down the street. That one was smoking hot. She didn't have any problems with getting in as well as having my dick in her mouth and pussy. I fucked the shit out her and she was happy. The drop off was classical
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Lara Maze
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Sabree Lynn
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