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Bang Bus Episode:
“5 Dollar Cuban Cutie”

Wednesday April 2, 2008

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Yo what's up people? This week was a bit different, because it was a mission and a half to find any chick willing to talk to us.Almost every chick would just walk away or ignore the shit out of us. Then we found someone who recognized the Bus.His name was Jibaro.Whatever that means. Anyway, Jibaro wanted to come along with us on the search for some bitches and a good time, but I guess what was making us crash and burn so many times was that I wasn't pulling out money. So once we figured out a different strategy all the pieces fell into place.We came across a sexy little thing named Juelz.She was cute and kind of dumb because she believed we worked as movie producers,which we kind of are but not the kind of movies she was into. Anyhow, she came along for the ride after I gave her some doe. Jibaro and Juelz started to get frisky in the back and one thing lead to another.Jibaro's cock was in Juelz's mouth.Shortly after she was being pounded in every which way. This sexy cuban cutie knows how to ride that cock!
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Rating: 4.34
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