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Bang Bus Episode:
“Naomi Right On!”

Wednesday September 24, 2008

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So what's up with people these days? Back in the day all we had to do was drive up to anybody, pull up a camera and just about everybody walked up to talk to us. Ok Ok so some girls know what what we have in our filthy minds. But it used to be so easy. Seriously though, i think its our pick up lines that are probably stinking up the air like a dead fish. Were saying shit like " Excuse me?" what the fuck! So yeah me and smokey decided that we need to work our shit out and pick up some fine ass babe for you all this week. It didn't turn out as bad as we thought. We found this good ol' country gal from some state up north who was here on vacation. Her name is Naomi and guess what she wasn't wise to our little tricks. So we offered her some money and a ride to the beach to get in. Naomi didn't know that she was already punked from hello. Naomi was an easy going girl too. She was very open to talking about sex and what her favorite positions were. So it didn't take long for me to convince her to suck my homeboy Dimitri off and fuck him. Naomi looked so beautiful running after the bus naked too.
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Naomi Starshine
Rating: 3.82
( 292 Votes )