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Wednesday December 1, 2004

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You know.. I've been formulating this theory.... concerning these broads I come across on Miami's mean streets.... and I know it may seem a bit strange.. but hear me out............. I think that these broads are actually.... FANS!!!! They want me to find them.. they want me to get them into the cauldron of debauchery that is the Bang Bizzus to get stuffed and tossed away... THEY DREAM ABOUT IT!!! I mean c'mon... how else could you explain my knack for bagging these bimbos...... CAN I BE THAT DAMN GO... hold on a tick.. OF COURSE I FUCKIN' AM!!!! 3 years and running bitches!!! Exhibit A : Ashley searching for the fashion district in the hood and being stumbled upon by us... Now don't let Punchy tell you different....He might be driving.. but I'm the mastermind!!!! So yeah... yada yada yada.... she gets in... reveals her "nymphomania"... which I think is just a ploy to cover up her whoreness.... and jumps at the oppurtunity to hop on presto's cock piece...... I fuckin' love it man... nothing better than a barely legal broad getting shown what for by the almighty D. Sanchizzle...... Bang Bus is for the community...... HA! Enjoy!
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Ashley Jordan
Rating: 4.30
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