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Bang Bus Episode:
“The Crutch Master!”

Wednesday December 8, 2004

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And to think that The Dirty One was under the assumption that I've tried everything in the book.... WRONG!!!! When I saw the ever tempting Amber hobbling down the sidewalk.. I knew I just HAD to... Apparently this chick had done some hardcore partying the nite before.. and was paying for it on some crutches.... I kindly offer this fair maiden a ride in my chariot..... she accepted..and we were off quicker than her clothes were!!!! This chick couldn't shut up about how drunk she got last nite...and a whole bunch of other useless b/s she was spewing... god knows I wasn't paying attention... what I DID notice... was her willingness to try out for the Special Olympics.... using Preston's cock as a straddle... well my comrades... I'll let you be the judges... and umm.. for future reference.... I'd just like to take this time to point out to all who visit my humble site of debauchery that I, THE DIRTY ONE, DO NOT DISCRIMINATE AGAINST THE PHYSICALLY CHALLENGE...I'M AN EQUAL OPPURTUNIST MISOGYNIST... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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Rating: 4.58
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