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Bang Bus Episode:
“Whore Little Rich Girl”

Wednesday January 26, 2005

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This is what living in Miami is all about! Coming across one of the countless trust fund broads that are itching to go to great lengths to get daddy and mommy's attention is one of the perks of being in my line of work. Carly was just minding her own walking down the street when we spotted her and went in for the snatch.. LITERALLY! All jokes aside... this could have NOT been easier. She was more than willing to come along for the ride... guess her parents weren't giving her enough attention... Never Fear, D. Sanchez knows EXACTLY what kind of attention she craved..... so good ol' fashioned dick... ha! After Presty gave her the pearl necklace she rightfully deserved... it was a wrap... On a side note... all of you broads out there that want to get back at your negligent rich parents.... be on the look out for a white van and a camera.... we make wishes cum true here at Bang Bus.... ENJOY!
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Carly Develle
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