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Bang Bus Episode:
“Burn That Baby Fat!”

Wednesday February 9, 2005

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I LOVE IT WHEN WE COME ACROSS THESE BARELY LEGAL BROADS!! It's not everyday we come across these particular type of chicks... but then again... I NEVER have your typical day... BACK TO THE TASK AT HAND! Kelly's 19 year old ass was hanging out in Little Haiti.. for those of you that don't know.. that's a section of Miami where the working girls and homeless fight for street turf... so yeah.. She was just hanging out on a corner... EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING! too good to be true right?! Well... apparently not for her.. after offering us to give her a ride (classic) we were off! Sheesh.. she wasted no time in giving us her rates... I'll tell you what tho holmes... she didn't expect to come across the likes of the Dirty One and Presto's fun stick... or Mar... ahh who cares about the driver... I mean really... When Kelly took her clothes off.... I knew we had done good... Check it out yourselves.. Enjoy!
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Rating: 4.13
( 323 Votes )